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    Sagar Palekar


    Sagar is a forerunner in the field of IT, having graduated with a Bachelors and Masters in Information Technology. Today Sagar pushes the envelope on developing new Technology Processes that are the basis for campaigns that are created. Being the social junkie that he is, Sagar finds himself more in the field working closely with clients and building a rapport which makes clients comfortable with the idea of Technology.

    In his free time and depending on the day, Sagar transforms into a photographer, artist, traveller, trekker, paraglider or a friend at a bar.

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    Ramani Subramaniam

    E-Learning & 3D Guru

    Ramani brings over 25 years of experience in 3D and learning. Having worked with companies like Comart he is a key asset in understanding and creating novel concepts for E-learing.

    A Veteran in his domain with respect to 3D, some consider him to be more than a Guru. In his free time Ramani is an Indian Classical signer and plays the violin, harmonium and others.

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    Nirmay Abichandani

    Client Servicing Guy

    Nirmay is the perfect example of our hiring policy - get them on board as interns and then offer them the job if they deserve it. He is officially the only management student in our organisation and it goes without saying that he has already thrown all those concepts out the window and has settled into the Zeist life with absolute ease.

    Must mention attributes - great work ethic (has to sleep in office at least one hour every day), excellent relations with clients (sometimes we wonder if he works for us or the client) and a great sense of humour... NOT!!

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    Vaibhav Pawar

    IT Developer Sensei

    Vaibhav, one of the oldest members of the Zeist team, is an accomplished web developer. Proficient in HTML, CSS, Java Scripting, DotNet, SQLServer, JQuery and AJAX, his speciality lies in PHP and MySQL. Vaibhav is a keen team player who brings vigour, vitality and finesse to his projects. He prefers learning new technology and staying updated in his leisure time.

    He is immensely valued at Zeist because Vaibhav kills the Programming scene with his unique ability to see a design and understand the best way to bring it to life. The only thing he fears is his wife.

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    Mohammed Rahmatulla

    Graphics Guru

    They dont call him the Graphics Guru for nothing. Being speech and hearing challenged, Mohammed epitomises the true spirit of life which is visible through every graphic creation of his. Mohammed has grown stronger through the trials which has helped him to become a quick learner. Having graduated in aplied arts, his work has been exhibited at various locations across India.

    Having won awards at the Abilympics in Jabalpur for Art and a representative for India in art, Mohammed has won accolades with what truly means the world to him - art.

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    Manoj Nawle

    Administration Guy

    Manoj is Admin Guy that makes things happen. One of the most indispensible characters of the Zeist team, he literally keeps the work place from falling apart. Having been with us since inception, he has seen the Zeist baby grow into a 3 year old. Bringing to Zeist 11 years of work experience in various fields of administraion, Manoj is able to think quickly on his feet.

    Pulling of the gloves, he is the first person to say "and that's the way the job is done". Besides that he is an avid facebooker.

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    Sushant Waghmare

    Jr. IT Guy

    Sushant is a Junior IT Guy and is a natuaral at web development, database handling in php, asp.net and C#. A motto that strikes a chord with Sushant is "Im not happy unless the client's happy". With an unnerving passion for the industry, he thrives off of its high-paced environment that challenges him daily to develop awesome code. He embodies the essence of what it means to be a Zeistian.

    In the Sushant's universe, food is an integral part of day to day life with a minimum of 3 full meals during work hours.

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    Zoe started her tenure at Zeist only a few weeks after she was born. Since then she has been an integral part of Zeist. Her roles and responsibilities are varied, which she carries out dutifully - be it a playful break for stressed out colleagues, taking them for walks or being the biggest attention seeker within the organization.

    Aggressive about her food, she acts as a true mascot to remind all the colleagues that they need to be aggressive about anything they want in life.